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    Latin or Greek

    My sons (12 years old) are doing Memoria Press Henle 1 and are doing a great job! They don’t love it, but they keep up with the vocabulary and are understanding the concepts.

    After two years of Latin, I am considering switching to Greek, mainly because I love the thought of translating Scripture. My boys don’t have a strong opinion either way.

    The Memoria Press First Form Greek series looks great.

    Anything you think I should consider as I decide to switch their classical language?


    Someone else will give you better advice on FFG than I can, but I would just add that you can do both. We like to switch to Greek in the spring. You make less progress per year, but you get to keep things fresh and they see it and practice it year after year. Just an idea.
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      This may be a completely irrelevant question, but are you interested in reading Scripture in Latin? I ask because you are close to being able to do that if you finish Henle I and continue into Henle II. There is a whole section devoted to Christian Latin and many excerpts from the Vulgate in Henle II. The language of the Vulgate is quite beautiful. In Henle II you would learn the Latin constructions needed to read parts of the Vulgate, and you would gain some experience with Christian vocabulary. I assume it would take some years before you would be able to read Scripture in Greek. But perhaps your overriding goal is to read Scripture in an original language. Anyway, just a thought.