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    I asked this in the Facebook groups but haven’t gotten much over there.

    I’m noticing (being over halfway done with our 4th Grade year) that the list of events covered in 4th Grade in the Timeline Handbook doesn’t line up with what is scheduled in the 4th Grade curriculum manual. The only new lesson scheduled in the curriculum manual covers The Exodus and then everything else scheduled for Timeline is just reviewing dates already learned. But, the list for 4th Grade in the Timeline Handbook has MANY more events listed than this, including Pax Romana, the Destruction of the Temple, etc etc.

    I understand that Timeline is completed over the course of 4 years. But the lists in the front of the Handbook are compounded upon (the 3rd Grade list has all events that are learned in 3rd Grade, then the 4th Grade list has all events from 3rd Grade and adds in the new events from 4th Grade, and so on).

    What am I missing?? Was I supposed to have been scheduling these lessons on my own this whole time? I’m starting to panic 😅😅

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    I think this may be a confusion between the regular (moderated) and accelerated tracks. When MP altered 3rd grade to cover only half of Greek Myths, Christian Studies I, and States & Capitals, it pushed the schedule for classical studies, Christian Studies, and geography back a year. So in the past, 4th graders would be studying Famous Men of Rome and adding all those dates from Roman history to the timeline. Now that is covered in 5th grade. If you follow the moderated track, they won't get that timeline completed until 7th grade. I don't know if the latest printing of the Timeline handbook reflects this. I have the original version and it lists those dates according to the old schedule (which is now called the accelerated track). I don't worry about that and just try to add dates as we get to them in our studies.

    Fall 2023:
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    DD 13 8th: MP full core, sub Saxon Algebra I, plus CLRC Spanish
    DS 11 6th: MP full core, sub Saxon Math 7/6
    DD 8 3rd: MP full core, sub Traditional Spelling II
    DS 6 1st: MP full core, sub Kindergarten enrichment
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      Amy is correct. The timeline program is formatted for the accelerated track, so the dates for 3rd grade are really 3rd & 4th grades in the moderated track. And the 4th grade dates are used in 5M, etc. It's pretty easy to tell where you fall though, based on the classical studies dates. If they are middle ages dates, you know you will be using the 5th grade timeline, Greece, 6th grade, etc. Maybe we should remove the grades. I thought we had added a note about how to use it, but maybe that reprint hasn't happened yet. Sorry for the confusion!