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Recitation, Flashcards, and Review Box

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  • Recitation, Flashcards, and Review Box

    I'm seeking clarification about recitation, flashcards, grammar review in the Latin Form 1 Workbook, and the review box/cards provided in 3A. I have two children, so it's probably easier to ask about them individually.

    1. My daughter will be starting fresh is 3A this fall, so with her it will be easier to follow the curriculum guide.
    • But what does this look like? Should she be doing the recitation in the back of the guide, and the review box, and any flashcards that came with her book? Just one of these? A combination?

    2. My fourth grader is transitioning heavily into Memoria this spring with some modification due to where we are in the year. I created a schedule for him based, as closely as I could, on the curriculum guides and individual subject lesson plans. Obviously this will look different in the fall when we are exclusively Memoria except math. I will likely create a schedule for him again as he is not cleanly in any grade, only loosely in 5A. At this point, three whole weeks in, we have been reviewing the flashcards at the time we do the lesson as well as an extra time or two during the week. This week I started doing review on all the subjects for the day first thing using flashcards, so I can be with Sister while he works independently for a bit. I believe my questions are:
    • Should we be doing recitation for every subject every day or simply each time we do the subject?
    • Do you I do flashcards and recitation or is recitation with me and flashcards for him to study independently? Or, are they the same?
    • Are there materials that should be recited that are not on the flashcards? (This seems to be the case with Elementary Greek, but I know that's not actually scheduled in these grades.)
    Thank you so much for your help!

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    I'm going to tell you what we do at HLS, and then I'm sure you will hear from some homeschoolers about how they do all this at home. Sometimes the brick and mortar school doesn't translate to home well, so take what I tell you with a grain of salt that you will modify at home!

    1. We do not use the recitation at the back of the guide. Our teachers use the review box (which they created for this purpose). They begin with this review recitation each day with students standing at attention and answering formally and quickly. The idea is to get to instant recall. Then, they use the flashcards in Latin and Greek Myths within the class time for those subjects. They may start Latin with a game using the flashcards or a review of vocabulary. And students have a set of flashcards, so they can review independently as they have the time.

    2. Our 4th graders also don't use the recitation in the back of the book. They start their day with Latin, so their formal recitation is solely Latin grammar forms and prayers. They use the flashcards as starters for each subject. For example, to begin Famous Men of Rome, the teacher will have students stand and either in choro or individually, use the flashcards for review (again, working toward instant recall). They also use the flashcards for oral quizzes. For a subject like FMR, the flashcards cumulatively make up the final exam, so we are working all year toward mastery of those facts, and then there is no cramming when exam time comes. We only review the subjects on the day we teach them, or if a test is coming up that has the flashcard questions on it, we will find extra time for review during the week (like snack time). The only thing I can think of that you would recite that's not on the flashcards is the poetry you memorize and the Scripture verses you memorize. Sometimes, those things make a nice introduction to your day too.

    I want to close by saying that in addition to mastering the material, the goal of all this recitation is to give students a chance to show what they know - to recognize how much they have learned and to have a moment of well-earned pride before delving into new material. Also, it is such good practice for public speaking!



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      Thank you! That's very helpful. Just to clarify: The review box is only used in 3rd grade?


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        The review box only exists for accelerated 3rd grade and moderated 3rd & 4th grades. You are correct!