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Traditional Spelling 2 Lesson 15

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  • Traditional Spelling 2 Lesson 15

    Can someone please clarify why the following are not considered consonant teams in this lesson? I assume that it has something to do with syllabication and the words splitting between what would normally be considered a consonant team. That said, I still don't understand why they aren't considered consonant teams.

    1) double consonant ll in alley, valley and volley
    2) nk in donkey and monkey

    Thank you from a confused mama!


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    While I did not ceate the program, you are on the right track. The idea behind a double final consonant is to see it as coming after one short or broad vowel (hill, hall, shall, pull, well). Alley and valley do not have "all" as a base word, and they do split in the middle of the double consonant to keep the vowel in the first syllable short. Because don-key and mon-key split in the middle of the "team," it is not much of a team.
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      I think you are on the right track- the syllables split between the consonants. In valley for instance, the first L goes to the first syllable and keeps the vowel short. An open syllable (ending in a vowel) would have a long vowel. In monkey, I think it’s because the nk does not say it’s team sound like it would in think. The n goes with mon and the k with key.
      Funny story about consonant teams- I have my Siri set to British male voice. We have a major road her called Kingshighway- the highway of the king. Every time Siri gives me directions on that road, it says “King Shyway”. Took me a couple of times hearing it to realize it was combing the S from Kings with the H from highway. It makes sense a computer would think that since it is all one word.
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        Thank you, ladies! I like things that are black and white, which makes teaching kids to read a challenge for me!