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Grading Latin worksheets for students taking MPOA Latin classes

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  • Grading Latin worksheets for students taking MPOA Latin classes


    This is our family's first year taking MPOA classes, and my son is taking 4FL. I have studied Latin with my kids at home and this year I am finding it harder to keep up, due to the accountability of the online class schedule (I can't take two weeks for a lesson if we have a busy week), and the increased extracurricular activities of middle schoolers. For parents whose kids are ahead of them in Latin, how do you handle grading the weekly lesson worksheets? Do you let them grade their own work, or do your best from the answer key?

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    I don’t grade or even look at MPOA daily Latin work. That being said, my crew didn’t start MPOA Latin until 8th grade and 1) I was navigating chronic health issues and children with special needs and 2) they were at a place maturity-wise to either do the work or deal with the natural consequences come quiz-time.When that happened, we would talk about what needed to be done to get stronger in the areas that were giving them trouble. Probably not ideal, but I don’t know that HLS Latin teachers are reviewing daily work for 20+ students either? 🤷🏻‍♀️
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      My daughter naturally just did the work, my son not so much. I wasn’t great at checking their workbooks, but they both received A’s in their MPOA Latin classes. As I have found out by taking the quizzes myself in the adult MPOA class, the quizzes really only covered the basics of the lesson and didn’t have much translation. Typing in the boxes is the only thing that keeps me from finishing them in under 10 minutes. I have been told that the quizzes were rewritten this year to add some extra translations so that should give a better insight into student progress. I think my son would have earned an A with more translation, but he didn’t really see the reason to bother if he was getting good grades without it. He actually requested to start over with another provider because he acknowledged that he really didn’t learn a lot despite getting A’s and really needed to focus more on vocabulary and translations. I currently let my at home 3FL student grade his own work after he shows that he completed the assignment. It is pretty obvious on the quiz if he missed something. FWIW the quizzes in the test booklet are much harder and comprehensive than the old MPOA quizzes.

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        Dorinda, I like your "self-check after you show mom completion" option as an idea. Thanks for sharing.
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          Thank you ladies for replying to my question, and sharing how this looks at your house. If I am unable to check his work for a particular week, I'll have him show me that it is done and spot check a few exercises before he checks it all with the answer key.

          Thanks again for taking time to respond, and helping me with this.


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            You have to know your child, and I can see this looking different with different kids in my own family. My daughter who is currently in 4FL does the workbook exercises in one color pen and then corrects them herself using a different color pen so she can see at a glance what she needs to focus on studying. The 2 colors works well.

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              My older son, who only took Henle 2-3 online, checked his own work. My current 9th grader is in Henle 2 and did Fourth Form last year online. He does not like checking his own work. We sit down multiple times a week and go over what he has done. He just prefers to talk it through with me. His good friends are also in his class and they check their own work- but they are twins so maybe they help each other with that.
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