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    For the upcoming holidays I would like to purchase a few choice, beautiful books for my nine-year-old daughter. I am thinking of something like a very nice copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, or Letters from Fairyland from the Folio Society. I would like something with exquisite art. If I find a few that are really lovely, I can set one aside for her birthday. Does anyone have a favorite, beautiful, heirloom quality book?

    Depending on how much money you want to spend and if the series is special to her, my husband gets me the Jim Kay illustrated Special edition Harry Potter books for Christmas when a new one is released, there are only four so far and the fifth is set to come out next year. They are huge, but beautiful.



      I LOVE Michael Hague's illustrations. He has illustrated beautiful hardcover versions of The Wizard of Oz, The Hobbit, Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales, Alice in Wonderland, and (an edited version of) Dr. Dolittle, all of which we own. There may be more...I think any of those would be perfect for a 9 year old.

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        Barnes and Noble has a set of books called "Barnes & Noble Classics". They are pretty nice for the price and have some great artwork in them.

        I just got the Divine Comedy for $25 filled with artwork from Gustave Dore
        Then got 50% off Aesops Illustrated Fables.
        They have numerous books including Alice in wonderland.

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          With limitless resources, I would get The Wind in the Willows or The Blue Fairy Book from the Folio Society. They are both beautiful.

          Speaking of the former, I scored a really great 75th anniversary edition put out by Atheneum Books (owned by Simon & Schuster) with 1931 illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard (including full color plates). Its ISBN is 0684179571. It's not heirloom quality, but it's a lovely blue with a gold-embossed character on the front (under the jacket).

          I have not seen a copy of A Christmas Carol with the original color illustrations from the first run. I would get that. I didn't like the FS version.

          Apart from some of the B&N bound classics, there are nice editions (now owned by Penguin Books) called Everyman's Library Children's Classics Series. MP has included at least one of these books from this series, and the paper is lovely. Each book has a cloth cover, so it feels warm in the hand.
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