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    Children's Books that

    I am looking for books like 'Prairie School' and 'Adam of the Road' that show children how precious education is. Does anyone have any favorites that they can share?

    We recently read "Prairie School", too, and so enjoyed it -- this is a great idea to keep the precious nature of learning forefront in our minds.

    (I'm replying partially because I don't want to miss suggestions that other people will share. )

    But some of my personal favorites that (hopefully) meet this are:

    -"Understood Betsy"
    -"Homer Price" (Homer is a great example of a young, driven autodidact)
    -"The Door in the Wall"
    -"Little Men"
    -"Miss Happiness and Miss Flower" by Rumer Godden

    Just for myself, I find great relish reading stories by P.G. Wodehouse because they are crammed with allusions to Classical mythology, literature, and language that I love getting now -- especially since I did not receive a Classical education myself while growing up. And while it's often considered a bit sentimental, "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" is also a lovely book about commitment to the Classical model that I simply love.

    Happy Reading!

    Laura H.

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      Oh! MarmeeLaura Wonderful! Thank you!


        Two of my favorites that skirt around similar issues of perseverance through difficulty (learning a skill or accomplishing a task) and adversity are The Great Turkey Walk and A Single Shard. The latter book has a mention of princesses jumping to their death to avoid being killed, but it is brief.

        The Viking Adventure and Riding the Pony Express also have themes of perseverance, the former briefly with learning to read and write amidst Viking culture, the latter with doing hard things.

        I love, love, love Door in the Wall, but I am glad I saved it for my 5th grader (6M).
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          I love Tom Playfair. It was written (and is set in) the late 1800’s about a 10 year old rambunctious boy who is sent to a Catholic boarding school. He starts out a bit of a trouble maker and grows into a strong, moral leader. When their favorite teacher joins a challenge with two other boarding schools to see who has the best Latin students, Tom and his friends start studying hard, wanting to show their favorite teacher is the best. They begin speaking Latin at recess just to practice. They work on their translations and idioms over and over and win the medal. It’s so cool to see classical education as it was when that was the standard Christian education model. Latin is a given and the grammar is mastered before the teen years. There is a trilogy about Tom, but the first book is the best. They are all great and it’s neat to see Tom as a leader in the school when he graduates, but the first book when he is a pre-teen is the most inspiring.
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