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Any updates planned for the 3rd grade core?

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    In the last post I didn't address the question you posed to Tanya about the math progress seeming too slow, even for mastery. That is the trick to mastery. Often it seems as if progress moves slowly and is very repetitive. This is actually how mastery works. It seems as if you are always reviewing the same information that your student knows and moving to new content too slowly but in reality for information to really move from short term to long term memory, there must be a lot of written practice and consistent review.

    I remember in third grade when I memorized the times tables and received my stars on the class chart. I HAD ALL THE STARS! I can tell you emphatically that I did not have my facts really mastered. Even though we practiced them enough for me to eek by, we did not complete enough practice for true mastery. Also, there was too much new information fighting in my brain because each week we learned another entire times table and practice that week only included problems with the new material. The previous week's material was never practiced again in written form, we may have recited, but I seriously doubt it. Most math programs today move way too quickly, rather than going at the slower, more repetitive pace needed for true mastery.

    If you go ahead and finish the review covered in book 1 and remember is really important. The rigor of the Memoria Math should help offset the ease of the review. Remember too, it is ok for students to have a subject that is easier for them. We don't want every subject to be extremely challenging. My suggestion is to make sure mastery continues to happen and enjoy the ease of the subject for now. However, should you reach a point later in the year where you feel the math truly is not challenging at all, check back in and we will help you work out a plan.