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How long is a third grade day when you home school

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    How long is a third grade day when you home school

    On average, how long does a third grader spend on MP third grade work per day?

    I’ve always liked the hour per grade level concept through 4th grade. So for third grade it would be about three-ish hours and then you stop for the day. Just pick up the next day.

    That usually means you can’t do everything in the core, or at least not as-written, but I think it’s better not to have long days at this age.

    At the very least, I would recommend a hard stop time to your school day. Stop no matter what and pick up the next day.
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      My third grader spends around three hours before lunch completing her work, and she very occasionally has a small amount of work in the afternoon (less than an hour). She is doing the full 3M core and daily piano practice during that time.
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