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Question about jumping into MP in fourth/fifthish grade

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  • Adair.olson
    Thank you all so much. I appreciate the feedback so, so much. I didn't realize that it was possible to do the States and Capitals review separate from Geography I. That'll be perfect for us.

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  • pickandgrin
    Welcome! It sounds like you are well positioned to jump right in.

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  • enbateau
    Your plan sounds great! Welcome to the MP Community!

    I would second Tanya's recommendation for S&C review after you finish the main guide. We added S&C Review Worksheets again this year (5A), as the craziness of Europe, the Middle East and N. Africa was starting to crowd out home states. It has taken 30 seconds to a minute each day, but it's paying big dividends.

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  • tanya
    Yes! Fourth for New Users would be great for you. And since you have already done States & Capitals, why don't you get The United States Review to further solidify the states and capitals in your student's mind. It only takes a few minutes a week, but it goes over every state four different times in the year, so it is a perfect follow-up. You could wait a year and do it as we have it scheduled with Geography I, but we generally do this thorough review on the heels of States & Capitals while it is still somewhat fresh.

    Welcome, and as you explore the curriculum, feel free to bounce back here with any questions. We have excellent homeschoolers who will help you!


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  • Question about jumping into MP in fourth/fifthish grade

    Hi everyone,

    I've been doing a lot of reading on the forum and the website, and I have a few questions about jumping into Memoria Press with an older student.

    Our family has always done education classical style: heavy focus on history, heavy focus on writing and language skills, with a lot of reading out loud together. For example, various volumes of Story of the World informed our history and literature studies for each year. We do copywork and dictation 2x to 4x a week with excerpts from our readings.

    My oldest boy will be turning ten this summer, and I would like to fold him into the Memoria Press program. We added States and Capitals and Prima Latina this year, and he's thriving with those two programs. And when I look at MP grade packages, I really love what I see: a deep dive into a few areas rather than a shallow dive into a lot of different areas.

    So... event though he'd be a "fifth grader" on paper, I think that he would align with a lot of Memoria Press fourth grade. We'd be "scheduled" to start Fable for writing and Latina Christiana for Latin. The fourth grade literature is a bit below him reading level wise, but I think being a bit below his level might help him better master some of the skills associated with literary analysis. He's crazy about myths, so doing a deep dive into Greek myths would be perfect. And we're due for another deeper dive into space science.

    Would I be correct in picking up the Fourth Grade for New Users package for next year? We'd be using our own math program, and we'd skip States and Capitals since we're doing that this year.

    I'd really appreciate any insights!

    Thank you so much!