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Trouble Finding Math Review

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    Trouble Finding Math Review

    Hi all - the 2nd grade curriculum says it will assign 3 weeks of math review from the previous year and that the "Memoria Math Review" lessons are "located in the Appendix of Curriculum Manual," but I'm not seeing any math review lessons back there. Am I missing something? I'd like my second-grader to review the content from first grade, but I can't find the designated lessons. Are they located in another book from the core curriculum pack?

    Sorry for the confusion here. When you purchase the Second Grade Curriculum Manual from us, you should have also received an automated email from us with the subject "Second Grade Math Change.” Here is the text of that email:
    Thank you for ordering the Second Grade Curriculum Manual. We want to alert you to a change in our math schedule for second grade so you can adjust the curriculum manual accordingly to fit your needs.

    We are transitioning our math lesson plans in the primary grades so that First Grade will cover Rod & Staff Grade 2 Math Book One, and Second Grade will start with Rod & Staff Grade 2 Math Book Two. As we make this transition, students moving from First to Second Grade this year will not have completed Rod & Staff Grade 2 Math Book One. If that is the case for your student, or if you are brand new to Memoria Press and starting in Second Grade, you have two options:

    OPTION ONE: Use our Second Grade Math "Bridge Year" Lesson Plans instead of what is in your Second Grade Curriculum Manual. These plans will assume that you did not complete any Rod & Staff Grade 2 Math in first grade and will therefore complete all 4 workbooks in the second grade year.

    OPTION TWO: Use our Second Grade Math "Summer Transition" Lesson Plans. This means you'll need to start math work 5 weeks prior to the normal start of your school year. Doing so will allow you to complete the first workbook in 8 weeks (5 weeks in the summer and the final 3 weeks take the place of the math review scheduled in your Curriculum Manual). Then you can begin using the math lesson plans found in the Curriculum Manual as they are printed, starting in Week 4.

    Both of these options are found in a PDF titled "2nd Grade Math, Third Edition (2 Transition Plans)." This PDF is located in the "Downloads" section of your account. Please let us know if you have any questions!
    The first book of R&S Grade 2 is a review of Grade 1 Math.

    I hope that helps!