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First Form Latin - 2nd edition vs. 1st?

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    First Form Latin - 2nd edition vs. 1st?

    I've used First Form Latin, 1st edition, with 3 kids now. Getting ready to start with #4, and I ordered a new workbook for him. Just came and I see that it is 2nd edition, and it does not quite match up with my 1st edition answer key!! Help!! Can you still get a 1st edition workbook? But now I've got this one, so, do I just order a new answer key? Are there any changes are in the 2nd edition student text - so would we be able to just keep using our 1st edition materials, and the 2nd edition workbook??
    I really don't want to invest in a whole new edition of everything!!


    You will need to get an updated Teacher Guide for FSR. We added to Book D so it would match Books A, B, C, and E in format. We also moved some lessons around to match to order in which they are introduced. The new Teacher Guide also has Optional Lessons written in the margins that help prepare students for blending and reading with blends and teams for those who are ready for an added challenge. It will be well worth your while to update.

    We no longer have any old edition, sorry about that.




      I don't know what Michelle was drinking last night, but she obviously thought you were talking about FSR rather than FFL! Ha!

      If you email [email protected], they will be able to help you with FFL. And now you have lots of information about First Start Reading in case you need it.



        In short- the text and teacher guide did not chance. The workbook and answer key and quizzes/tests did change. If you wish to use the new workbook, you need at least a new answer key. You can use old test files with your old answer key or use the new tests with your new answer key. They added parsing exercises to the workbook and the updates tests (I believe) include this parsing.
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          Yes, the quizzes & tests are updated, and it will match the new format students practice in the updated workbook. The assessments include blocks for parsing and labeling that really cement everything. My student is moving into SFL with an incredible working knowledge of the CjPNT and DGNC of every word she learned. I sold my 1st edition and upgraded to the 2nd edition as soon as it was available, and my TM and student text meshed seamlessly with them. MP knocked it out of the park with these changes.
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            Good grief! I can’t get out of using the those reading glasses any longer!!! But feel free to share my answer with any friends using FSR 1st edition for Book D!


              lol, Michelle, thanks for the low down on FSR. I do actually have that and use it with my youngers, so oddly, your reply made sense!!

              Thanks to the rest for the info, this helps a lot.

              So, were the changes only in the student workbook and quizzes/ tests? Or also in the textbook?

              Thanks!! We started today, even without a new answer key, and i already like that there is more room to actually write in the answers in the new workbook!


                For First Form you do not need an updated text. The older edition will still work with the newer edition workbooks. But we did make an edition change to the text so everything is titled the same edition. There were only small tweaks and some charts added to the appendix.