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Astronomy over the summer?

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    Astronomy over the summer?

    Is there any reason why it would be inadvisable to go through MP's Astronomy over the summer, rather than over the school year? My child is asking for a telescope for her April birthday. I am just considering picking up the astronomy course soon after that, rather than in the fall. Does timing matter with this course or not? TIA!

    I am of the opinion that field experience is best AFTER material is committed to memory. Definitely do the course as scheduled if it fits into your plan. Looking through a telescope will give you a really great picture of the moon...and some glowy dots we call stars. The best field experience involves going outside on a cloudless night during 3 or 4 different seasons (as best as you can handle keeping young kids up past dark since that's 9:30 in the summer). Look up charts online and figure out the cardinal directions for where to face and about what time to expect the constellation to appear. None of that is required to enjoy the simplicity of astronomy, though. It's pretty easy (until that final unit) and feels a lot like art class.
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      Jessica Louise Do you already have a copy of MP's Astronomy? The course is written to correspond with the "school year sky" of late summer/fall sky, winter sky, and then finally spring sky. Yes, go ahead with the microscope and Enbateau gave you good suggestions for enjoying it right away. Working on Astronomy over the course of the school year will just enhance your ability to understand what you have already seen. Short answer: yes! This is one of the few studies that has some "timing" to it and I think you'll enjoy it more if you stick with the fall/winter/spring pattern. If you are like me, you'll get to go through the course multiple times. Now that I've done it 4 times (ha!) I have a decent grasp on what I see what I look up at night and in the early morning. It really is a joy!
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        Thank you. ladies. I do not have astronomy, because we have SC 5/6 for this year, which is Rod & Staff Science 3. Now I know to stick with the plan laid out for astronomy. Thank you!!!