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LC Leftover Flash Cards?

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    LC Leftover Flash Cards?

    I ordered Prima yearrrrrs ago. (I think about 6 years? No idea.) Of course, Prima and LC share the same flash cards. I’ve got that concept.

    However, I own the Latina Christiana Fourth Edition (2015) package and there are some flash cards left over. I have gone through the Teacher’s Manual looking for which words, phrases, etc are used for each lesson. I’ve used the corresponding number in the top left corner of each card to check and make sure I have everything. Looks like everything in the TM is covered by my flash cards. But there are cards left over. Are there supposed to be? I have:

    toga (PL1)
    Marcus (PL11)
    supra (PL 12)
    Aquarius (PL 16)
    Aries (PL16)
    Cancer (PL 16)
    Capricorn (PL16)
    Gemini (PL16)
    Virgo (PL16)
    Leo (PL 17)
    Libra (PL 17)
    Pisces (PL 17)
    Sagittarius (PL 17)
    Scorpio (PL17)
    Taurus (PL17)
    possum (PL19)
    etiam (PL21)
    sed (PL21)
    ubi (PL22)
    quid (PL22)

    Can someone direct me to where these go (if any) in LC?
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    They don't get redone, but they are from Prima Latina only.
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