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Henle I and English Grammar

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    Henle I and English Grammar

    Hello again everyone!

    It's been advised that I sign my rising 8th Grade daughter up for Henle I based on how her review is going with Second Form this summer in the Online Academy. She needs some extra time to shore up her current Latin skills and I've been told that retaking Second Form over would probably be a step back vs. forward for her at this point. I was all set on having her begin English Grammar Recitation alongside Third Form in the Fall (instead of continuing with other Grammar programs we've been using) but now I'm wondering where we'd begin in EGR. EGR I & II seem to cover things she already I suppose we should just dive into EGR III as planned? Maybe with the supplemental Grade 7 or 8 book alongside? My main concern is loosing the complementary nature of the Forms and EGR working side-by-side. I like how the Forms also have the Grammar Questions in the back and I'm wondering if those grammar connections will be as obvious for her in Henle without overt guidance. Has anyone else blazed this trail before?

    Thank you!
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