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HELP - 34 weeks of First Form Latin into 28 weeks of co-op!

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    HELP - 34 weeks of First Form Latin into 28 weeks of co-op!

    I have been tasked with facilitating First Form Latin to the 7th graders at my co op.😬 I have older kids who have done Latin but I was not the helper - my pastor husband was! My question is are there any lessons that could be combined? Our co op meets for 28 weeks but there are 34 lessons in the book. We meet once a week. Without knowing the curriculum I'm unsure how to get it all in!!!

    Wow. You may have a really challenging time doing this. Have your students already completed Latina Christiana, or are they brand new?

    If they have done LC, then here are a few ideas:
    We meet for 33 weeks and there are still multiple things that must be combined! Can you consider meeting virtually (Zoom, Google Meet, or other) to wrap up the year? I combine 27 & 28, then 33 & 34. However, giving time to assimilate and master the material is very important. Cutting down six weeks basically takes away time from an entire unit. Another option is to bump the final unit (Unit 5? 2nd conjugation verbs) to the following year and start them with wrapping up First before moving on to Second. This would cause other problems with keeping each Form in one year. Many of us have to augment this anyway starting in Third.

    Other options (I'm sitting with my sister brainstorming what we both have done!)--you could continue 1 or 2 lessons worth over Christmas Break. Co-ops often take a generous Christmas Break. You could also offer a virtual review session before returning in January. You could also start them virtually one week early. Also--all this "virtual" talk could mean meeting in your home or a coffee shop, too.

    If they have not had any Latin before, then I would encourage you go to one lesson per week and continue on the following year.

    Does any of this help?
    Festina lentē,
    Jessica P

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      I agree that you really need to do one lesson per week. I teach the lesson, review, do some samples from the workbook together, and work on translation in class. They complete the work and take the quiz at home. We grade the quiz together at the beginning of the next class. I don't know how you could combine lessons and still master the material. You really only have time for 4 units. Our coop is usually 34 weeks. I map it out based on how much time I need to complete the Latin. The other classes are usually done 1-2 weeks earlier.
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        They have not had Latin before.... If the parents don't want to do anything virtual and want to take the co op breaks should I just finish where we end and have them finish it at home after we are done for the year?😬


          Also, any tips on how to set up the class - in other words, how to teach it? I like the idea of them taking the quiz at home and going over in class. Have any of you given the quiz in class?