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Latin Christiana History Clarification

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    Latin Christiana History Clarification

    I started preparing to teach Latin Christiana today. As a new MP user I am a little confused about the History/Geography portion of the lesson plans. It seems to provide questions that come from Famous Men of Rome. When I look ahead to next year I see that is planned for 5th grade. Should I be using Famous Men of Rome along side LC, or should I just let the History portion be optional? I do own the book, since I used it as a supplement while teaching from Story of the World last year. I suffer from box checker-itis and want to make sure to do it "right."

    It's a holdover from people wanting a more complete study but who aren't using a complete core. For many, many people, the only component they use from MP is the Latin. The Roman history would provide a nice tie-in, especially for students who are either already in FMOR or are older and have studied it. We skipped it completely during LC. Give yourself the same permission. It shouldn't be scheduled in a 3rd- or 4th-grade curriculum guide.

    We did FMOR alongside First Form Latin, and it was one of my eldest's favorite parts of the day. Learning it with all of the memory work, flashcards, quotes and incredibly well-written narrative made it a pleasure.
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      Thanks for the response. It certainly clarifies, and I love receiving permission to let it go.