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Bilingual children and PreK Memoria Press Curriculum

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    Bilingual children and PreK Memoria Press Curriculum

    Good morning!

    My oldest child is 4 years old and he is bilingual in English and Spanish. I have previous experience teaching bilingual K-2 and our hope is to start out with Spanish phonics while the rest is done in English. From my experience, good Spanish reading fluency happens in 1st/2nd grade and after that the transition to English happens. I love the Memoria Press curriculum and plan to order the Jr Kindergarten soon but I wanted to ask if anyone has experience teaching bilingual children while using the MP curriculum?

    And lastly, what are the advantages/disadvantages of the Junior Kindergarten 2-day versus the 5-day?

    Thank you so much for your help and for your time!


    We are bilingual English/Russian. We're going on our third year with MP, this pass year using Jr.K (5-day) for the first time, along with 1st grade for my oldest. If my daughter hadn't been adamant about doing school like her big brother, we probably wouldn't have done Jr.K and simply waited another year for Kindergarten.

    I found Jr.K to be a very gentle approach to teaching the alphabet sounds and letter formation. Since Spanish shares the Latin alphabet with English, you'd be that much ahead in letter formation. I know some letter sounds differ, so perhaps when you get to those in the MP books, you can point out the differences. I have no experience with the 2-day Jr.K, but more often than not, we did fewer days per week, combining days and usually skipping Friday entirely.

    I think I was in a similar place as you are now when starting Kindergarten with my oldest, two years ago. I ultimately decided to start both languages formally at the same time. You're ahead of me in that you have experience teaching Spanish and also probably have an easier time getting your hands on materials. I tried to find books similar in style to how First Start Reading teaches letters, sounds, writing, and reading. Ultimately, I cobbled together something from multiple sources, all the while wishing I had FSR in Russian. 😅 I also found that if I didn't plan ahead, writing out a schedule of what I wanted done on the "Russian front", I tended to fall behind or skip days. It's so tempting to just follow the MP schedule, since it's all laid out and ready to go!

    I'm third generation Russian, so other than my immediate family and some folks at church, the kids mostly hear English. So from the start, both during "school time" and outside of it, I have made a point of mimicking what MP does for English literature. We do read-alouds, poetry reading/memorization, audio books/stories, and songs in Russian. Looking back, I should have included more copywork in Russian, because Cyrillic has some pretty distinct letters my son doesn't have much practice in. His English skills definitely outpace the Russian, but we are using the summer to catch up a little.

    For Jr.K, especially since this is your oldest, I would suggest finding quality Spanish children's literature, songs, and poetry and exposing him (and I think his brothers, based on your screen name) to the language as much as possible, along with what you do from MP.

    Hope this is somewhat helpful!


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      This doesn't answer your question about bilingual children (What a gift for them however you approach it!), but in terms of comparing Jr. K 2-day to the 5-day program, I'll just share my experience. I did a two-day schedule with my oldest to free up the other days for play dates with friends and outings, and I used a 5-day schedule for my younger children when we didn't have the same flexibility because of older siblings' school schedules keeping us at home more. Both are great and cover essentially the same material, I think. Either way Jr. K is a really sweet year. Hope you enjoy it!!
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        I debated 2 vs 5 day and went with 5 day in the end. I like how the workload is spread out making it more doable in the time I have each day. I like Fabulous Friday’s are pretty much an extra day that gives us flexibility. Either one is amazing.
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