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    Additional Reading

    Does MP or HLS make a suggestion for how much time a child should spend in additional reading (outside of the curriculum) per day?

    That would depend on the grade. For 1st grade, we have a goal of 10-20 minutes per day with material comfortably within his lexile range. Sometimes that means one whole book (leveled readers); sometimes it is a chapter. In second, I often keep that goal. By third, the workload demands, time for studying, the family read-aloud and social obligations can crowd that out, so it can be feast or famine. Those 20 min/day can look like a child finishing a 250-page book in 3.5 hours on a Saturday afternoon. In 4th, my eldest would read 20-30 pages a day of a book she wanted to pleasure read, but sometimes it was more escape from doing the hard stuff, like memorizing those Balkan nations!

    Over the summer, we enter a few reading challenges (local library and book stores), so my rising 5th grader will read about a book or two a day, usually 180-280 pages each. That would definitely NOT be in addition to an MP core.
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