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    Updates to FMR Flashcards

    I have two who will be studying FMR starting Monday. I had one old set of cards (the small ones that were sold on pull apart sheets) but I wanted each child to have their own so I bought a second set. I love the size/format of the new cards but I noticed that the content is different on a few cards. The word "dictator" has been removed.

    So two questions:

    1. Were any other content updates made to the cards?
    2. Should I update both kids to the new cards?
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      The changes we made to the drill question flashcards were minimal, mainly to fix any differences between the cards and the study guides. There are very few content changes, and I think you will be fine with the old cards (though the old ones you have are really old if you had to tear them apart!). You will find some small differences, but since you have the set of newer cards, it will be easy to diagnose.