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    Classical Studies Set

    I’m confused. :roll: If I get the Introduction to Classical Studies Set do I need the Famous Men of Rome and D’Aulaires Student & Teacher Guides? Will the Memoria Study Guide to Classical Education include the Student Guides?


    Introduction to Classical Studies


    Hello! I'll try to answer your questions and ask that anyone else with additional information jump in.

    The Introduction to Classical Studies Guide contains all the Teacher information needed for reading/teaching The Golden Children's Bible, Famous Men of Rome and D'Aulaire's Greek Myths. Three passages through all three books are recommended with an ever-deepening study with each pass. Reproducible maps and charts for study are included in the Guide. Student worksheets for each lesson are not. There are comprehension questions (and answers), vocabulary, map work, and memory work for each lesson, but there is no student book/workbook included, only directions for student work (to be completed orally or on separate paper). The Guide is comprehensive and inclusive for a complete, thorough study of the three books. There are no student workbooks included.

    However, you can study D'Aulaire's Greek Myths and Famous Men of Rome separately using the individual student workbook/teacher guides for each book. This would be a good choice if you don't want to study all three books at once or ever.

    Also, you could use the student workbooks for each book along with the Intro to Classical Studies Guide, but the Teacher guides would only overlap information found in ICSG.

    Hope this helps.


      Thank You! That helps alot.


        Excellent post rsummers

        Thanks Rsummers,

        Great Post.
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        Brian Lowe


          Introduction to Classical Studies

          I will be teaching a homeschool tutorial program in the fall based on your Intro to Classical Studies (ICS) guide. There will be approximately 15 students, grades 4-6. The tutorial will meet once a week for two hours, and assignments will be given (reading, writing, and occasional art). Each family may opt to add the student workbooks for Famous Men of Rome and/or D'Aulaires' Greek Myths. I have a few questions and comments, however:
          1. Which Christian Studies workbook would be most appropriate? Or are all three covered in the one year of the ICS (assuming we don't do the ideal, three year coverage suggested)?
          2. I hope you do not discontinue the Guide, as it is a great start for planning a group tutorial or class. If you don't, I would suggest including the actual Bible citations for the Bible readings, not just the pages from the Golden Children's Bible, so that those not using that book can find the specific chapters and verses.
          3. I notice that you now have a Famous Men of Greece edition available, which I am including on my optional book list for the tutorial. Will there be a student workbook available for that book, too, any time in the next year?
          4. If a participating student has the old Greenleaf edition of FMR, will they be able to complete all of the ICS assignments? Are the page numbers different between the Greenleaf and Memoria Press editions?
          Thanks for your anticipated responses!


            Answers to a couple of jskielb's questions


            In regards to question 1: according to, the Christian Studies Series is a three-year program. My personal opinion is that using the Christian Studies Series with ICS might be a little difficult because they both cover the same material but at different paces (the one over a year and the other over three years).

            The following page might give you some help with question 4: Just look under "Frequently Asked Questions" on this page.

            Hope this helps,