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"mom time" needed for FMOR/ MP's history track?

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    "mom time" needed for FMOR/ MP's history track?

    How much of *your time* is required for FMOR, etc? I know it is generally scheduled once a week or so; it is easy to make it into two or three days, less time each day, that my fifth grader could complete on her own? I really like the foundation of deep understanding of government that MP forms, but I also need something that can be completed mostly without me, other than a quick check in with me once a week. Like, on Friday, ask her for an oral summary and map explanation of what she has learned that week...
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    I have to chime in and say that years ago, when we were in the summer before FMOR, I was whining because I thought it sounded like the most boring class in the world. Wrong. Classical Studies (Greek Myths and the Famous Men series) are second only to literature as my very favorite subject to teach.

    The chapters are a quick read, and if you wanted to listen to them, they are on Audible. That might be a great way to listen yourself, have your daughter listen while she reads along. One caveat -- you may have to double check and see if they match up -- I've bought ebook versions of Famous Men via Amazon, and they're slightly different than the MP versions.

    I'm pretty sure Tanya did a teaching video about Famous Men on Youtube. I can't link to it at the moment --- I blocked YT from my desktop. 😆
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      I probably spend around 20 minutes with my daughter on FMOR each week. On Mondays, we go over facts to know and vocab together. She reads the story to herself most weeks, but sometimes we read aloud together (paragraph at a time). She answers comp questions independently and leaves her book on my desk. I check and circle anything that needs further discussion. On Tuesdays we quickly go over anything I circled, complete the activities section together, and then she gets a sibling to do flashcards with her for cumulative review. For comparison, she is a fast reader, with great comprehension and writing skills. Her written answers are usually very complete, and she memorizes dates and vocabulary easily. A different student might need more input. Hope that helps!

      I agree with Dianna that these courses are fascinating and enjoyable. So even if you can only give a little time, hopefully it will be filled with enthusiasm for the stories!

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        Here's the video DiannaKennedy mentioned:

        The video is based on teaching directly but it's really helpful for getting an overall feel for the goals of the course. This series does a GREAT job of laying the foundation for future study. To make it more independent, you just do the same as you would if making literature independent:

        1. For vocabulary, they can use the the FMOR dictionary that is floating around on the forum
        2. Highlight the questions you want them to answer in writing
        3. Highlight any mapwork or other activities you would like them to do
        4. Write in the plans what day you want them to do what (if you use a post-it note, you can just move it from week to week since the format is the same for each lesson)

        One big caveat for the Famous Men series is that kids will often gloss over the difficult names/words in the text. This can really impact understanding and enjoyment. If you can read the chapter with them things will go much better. We're about to start FMOR and my plan is to have them do the vocabulary with the dictionary on Tuesday, we'll read the chapter together (they're shorter than a picture book in most cases!) on Wednesday, and then assign the guide work for the other days. When we sit down the following week to read the next chapter, we'll chat about their guide work from the week before.
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          This is also one of my favorite classes. I am super disappointed if we can't read the text together. In the beginning of the year, the time expectations are always going to be different from midyear. At this point (week 28), my kiddo reads. We tackle vocab as we read through it. When I'm on top of things, we'll preread questions and look for them as we read. I might even let her write down a few easy answers. When I'm tied up elsewhere, she can do the comp questions on her own. I assign cumulative flashcards once or twice a week, and sometimes we review from the unit test or 100 Q's in the back.

          Sometimes there are correlating map points or rivers, but other times it's some random contemporary countries and capitals (and usually a week or two ahead of where Geography I is, so be prepared for that). I confess that has been the strangest part.
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            I've got no issues with the material; it's just a time issue. In looking at my time, and my energy and constraints, I'd rather devote myself to literature, Christian studies, and Latin with the rising fifth grader. I know teaching the little guy "for real" in the fall is going to be a major change to our lives! I'm thinking of signing fifth grader up for FMOR on MPOA, and I don't even think Geo 1 is going to happen, even though I do feel that geography is vital. But maybe I can squeeze geo 1 in if I know FMOR is going to be completely hands off... I'd sign her up for Narrative on MPOA, too, but it's waitlist only and I don't want to plan on moving into the class and then have it not happen...
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              My 4th grader is finishing up FMOR next week. It was relatively hands-off for me, but that is partly because of his own motivation and how he likes to learn. Here's how I schedule a week of it for him:

              Monday - flashcard quiz with me on previous lessons, read through Facts to Know together, he then reads the week's lesson on his own. Mom time: 5-10 minutes
              Tuesday - he works through the vocabulary in his workbook on his own (using a dictionary). I check it and go over anything he missed or anything I think needs further discussion with him. Mom time: 5 minutes
              Wednesday - he rereads the lesson and then writes out the answers to the comprehension questions. I check it but don't go over anything he missed until Friday.
              Thursday - If he does anything on Thursdays, I'll choose one of the workbook activities that can be worked on independently for him to do.
              Friday - Friday is our "narration day" for many of his subjects. For FMOR, I have him narrate to me the lesson and based on this narration, comprehension questions, and workbook activities, we discuss different aspects of the lesson. This takes about 15 minutes.

              This child is very motivated and loves to follow a checklist to get his work done, so the amount of independent work he does may not work for all children this age. He is not one I ever have to nag about getting independent work done. He has absolutely loved FMOR this year and has made some wonderful connections from it to current events and other subjects.

              So definitely doable with limited time from mom if your child is able to work independently!
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