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    Douay Rheims memory versus


    I want to introduce bible versus memory work as outline in Christian Studies program but was wondering if someone has already complied it and is willing to share? If not, perhaps Memoria Press could sell such a supplement.



    momgineer (The forum keeps kicking this tag to the top of the post instead of the bottom!)

    I think there’s a file like this in the Catholic MP Families group on Facebook. Debbie, do you know where it might be?
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      There is a file in the FB Catholic group. However, I could never get anyone to confirm that it was specifically the Douay Rheims.

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        There are files in our Facebook group, but I’m fairly certain they are not the DR translation. I actually messaged the lady who uploaded them to ask which translation it is so hopefully I’ll have that info soon. I am not aware of any files as of yet of DR translation. If anyone does make one they want to share I’d happily post it in our Facebook group.
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