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Scope and sequence - very useful

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    Scope and sequence - very useful

    I accidentally came across MPs published scope and sequence. I have only read a few grades and I’m finding it very helpful regarding what are the main objectives for each grade. I have been lurking here for a few years and I have never seen anyone reference it. Maybe everyone’s published S & S is helpful and MP’s is the first I’ve come across.

    My kids are in school, not really homeschooled, so I haven’t needed to, but I am always considering homeschooling. Laughably, I always felt I would be forced to homeschool against my will. Sounds far fetched until it actually happened. Hence I try to pay close attention to education in general.


    Feel free to keep lurking here. You never know when you might get the homeschool bug and have to dive in! We will be here for you when that happens.



      Welcome, Jules4! Now that tanya has commented on your post, it's all but over for you, you'll be homeschooling soon enough! I love the Scope and Sequence document you referenced. It is a great read and even if your kids are in a public or private school setting, it would be helpful to compare as a reference.
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