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    Middle School Online Classes

    I am interested in signing up my 6th grade daughter for the Literature and Middle School Science 1 Class. Can anyone offer any insights or advice on your experiences with either of these options and/or the academy in general? Thank you so much!

    Hello! I can offer some insight but make sure you also post in the Online Academy section of this forum. There are many seasoned MPOA mom’s on that board that are extremely helpful

    I too have a rising sixth grader. We are enrolled in many MPOA classes for next year, one of which is science. I have heard some great reviews in regards to Middle School Science I AND II and the quality of the instructors!

    We have used MPOA starting in the 4th grade. Overall it has been a fabulous experience especially in regards to Latin and Composition. I couldn’t recommend those classes more highly! That said, we did one literature class in 4th grade and it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. It was more of a discussion group and quizzes to check that readings were completed. I don’t know if this is true of all literature classes, in fact I have heard better things about literature in the upper grades, but we found our money is better spent toward other MPOA classes at our current grade level.

    For literature and classical studies, we have found the discussion groups through VitaBeata to be a great fit. Here is the link for these groups:

    I hope this is helpful! Please follow-up with questions if I sparked any
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      Thank you so much! This is all really helpful and I appreciate it. I will also post on the Online Academy section. Thank you for letting me know about that.