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Teaching Textbooks v. Saxon v. Rod and Staff

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    When we did Saxon I had my kids do only half the problems, eg only the odds. I would circle the ones they missed and see if they could figure out how they messed up and give them a chance to correct their own errors. I would give back one point for each error they could correct on their own, and no points if I had to help them figure out how they messed up.

    If they got enough right, they didnt have to do more than that. For us, it was 90% with any points they earned extra for corrections. If their score was lower than that, I had them work the evens also.

    This arrangement encouraged them to work carefully the first time so they didnt have to do evens. It also encouraged them to ask questions when they were working problems the first time.

    up through 8th grade we didnt track grades, but I did calculate percent scores just for this purpose.