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Slowing down 1st Form

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    Slowing down 1st Form

    After going through LC twice, I started my 3rd grade son on FF after Christmas break and am teaching a small class of 3rd and 4th graders. As we begin unit 2, I am thinking about slowing down the pace a bit to make sure everyone is solid on the material and because I am not sure they’ll be ready for the 2nd Form workload and material midway through 4th grade (judging from going through it with my very language oriented current 5th grader). So far students are getting it, and I can see the relief in my own very mathy son at going from LC to FF’s layout and explanations (he likes seeing how everything fits into the overall pattern, as do I), but I know things will pick up in the second half of the book.

    Any ideas or resources on how to stretch things out? I want to keep everyone working daily, and wanted to see if anyone had any resources before I started making my own worksheets.

    This won't help you right now, but I was told Simply Classical will have a plan to stretch it out over two years in the next 1-3 months. It seems like it should be simple to figure out, but I also want to be purposeful if we take longer than a year. We don't plan to start until next August, though. Hopefully someone will chime in with tips.


      I would ask the question over on the SC forum, but SC 9/10 is likely going to release pretty soon (it's in editing/formatting, but that doesn't really indicate a time period) and it will have First Form scheduled over two years for the two year pacing (SC has an option of 1 or 2 year pacing for some levels). I believe there have been some threads on adapting FFL.

      My kids are doing LC in SC 5/6 and from what I can tell, the vocabulary and grammar portions each get 3 days, with 2 days for the review worksheets, one day for games and then the quiz. I attempted the one lesson per week pace at first and my kids really needed to slow it down.

      A (12) - Simply Classical 5/6
      C (11) - Simply Classical 5/6
      G (7) - Simply Classical 1



        I would just spread the written work out and spend extra time with oral drills, games, and recitation. The point of a slower pace is to have time for mastery. And if you spread the work out, you could do written work 3 days a week and have shorter Latin time for 2 days with just recitation and flashcard review.



          Thanks! I'll look into the SC when it comes out. I only have the other kids once a week, so I'm trying to come up with a little extra drill to send home with them. At least for my son, part of the struggle here is getting him used to the workload and increasing stamina for concentration and writing, so I'd like to keep him working for about the same time every day (short days tend to end with backlash about "how much work!!!!" the next normal day brings, but steady work has brought acceptance of that amount as routine). I'll probably just adapt some of the exercises from my Henle book to an extra parsing /drill page or two to help space things out.