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    At what grade level in the literature guides are things like literary terms, parts of a story, etc introduced? My kids are 16, 14 and 11 and have never really done literature guides. They are always reading good literature, but I am not always on top of it to teach them these extra things. They basically have just been reading and absorbing, but not doing any extra work with the books, CM method. I feel it is important for them to learn the parts of a story, personification, simile, metaphor, etc, etc. I am wondering where I would place each of them to give them a good start, but not overwhelm them at the same time.

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    The upper school guides definitely have more work with literary terms, but we actually begin introducing them in primary school. Literary terms are sprinkled throughout the years, but they are studied more seriously in the upper school guides. For literature, I would place your students on grade level. You can move up or down a year, but I wouldn't move further than that. Our guides are written with a certain age in mind, so the Anne of Green Gables guide, for example, is written with the 6th or 7th grader in mind.