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    extra sets of flashcards

    I am trying to decide if I should buy additional sets of flashcards for my younger children or just reuse them. I know I will purchase a new set of Geography flashcards for each child since they will color them, but what about other sets?

    For example, should each child have their own set of Grammar Recitation flashcards and/or Christian Studies flashcards so they can continue to review or is that unnecessary?

    Where there any flashcard sets any of you found helpful to have extra copies?

    We are going on our third year using mostly full cores and I will have children doing 6M, SC7/8, 3A, and 2 next year if that is helpful. Thanks!

    If you have multiple students in the same course (and one isn't just sitting in/auditing), I would totally get separate sets. The EGR cards are segregated by book except for EGR II and EGR III begin with a review of EGR I or EGR I & II, so you might benefit there from another stack, although the rules are all printed at the back of the book.
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      I've never purchased extra sets --- at least not purposefully.
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        I am planning on putting my twins in 3M next fall and will be making them each their own "Review Box", but not necessarily purchasing extra sets of cards for other subjects.

        We like to hole-punch a set of cards, like Latin vocab (but not Mama's Latin Recitation Set ), put them on a large ring, then hang them for accessibility.
        Plus, the kids can take them on car trips and not worry about dropping a bunch of loose cards on the floor.
        Laura H.

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