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Planning 8th grade science

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    Planning 8th grade science

    My seventh grade son is taking Algebra I (Prentice Hall Classics). We supplement with AOPS over the summer. Next year will be Algebra II (also Prentice Hall Classics).

    This year he's taking Physical Science with Homeschool Connections (Holt Science and Technology). That's a bit of a thing for me, as I thought this course was using a different text, but it is what it is, and he's still learning. I hope to go through Prentice Hall Physical Science Concepts in Action and Novare Physical Science and see if there's anything I want to supplement with before the next year.

    He will do biology in 9th, and he wants to pursue dual enrollment and a career in STEM. I'm currently trying to compare Hewitt Conceptual Physics, Novare Intro Physics and Novare ASPC to complete at home. My husband, who is a physics professor, will help with labs and lab reports to take a load off of me. My husband's choice would be Hewitt. I know I can get supporting materials for Hewitt to help me implement it. I am not interested in making tests myself--know thyself. But I also like to know the relative strengths and weaknesses of courses, so if you have experience, I'm all ears.
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    I can’t help with this, but I wonder if you change the title of this post to “9th grade science” since you appear to maybe be on a different track and post it in the high school might be able to get some help there ?
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