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    Pre-Algebra Recommendations

    Math oldest is ready for Pre-Algebra next year and I am torn in what to use for curriculum. We have used a combination of Math U See and CLE math until now. MP uses College of the Redwoods, I know a lot of people recommend Saxon, I have heard good reviews on BJU Press and videotext...What do you all recommend?

    As a note: We prefer a curriculum that is student driven. (She is the oldest of 4 and I have two littles that are special needs so I don’t have extra time to teach her a daily lesson) We both prefer for her to read/watch to learn the concept (rather than me teaching.)

    Additionally, she will be taking this course as a 6th grader and she will most likely end up studying engineering/science in college so I want to make sure we are on the right path math wise for this direction (my projection is that she will do AP Calc in 11th.)

    As always, thank you! Your wisdom and experience is so helpful!
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    Hi there! It sounds as though our oldest are at the same level My 11-year-old is just starting Saxon 8/7. I was homeschooled, using Saxon from Algebra 1/2 through Advanced Math (including Geometry) and I felt it gave me a very solid math base, although I wasn't headed for engineering so can't speak to that (I studied nursing). DD11 has used Saxon Homeschool from 5/4 up and doing well with it so we'll continue with it. She's able to do her lessons completely independently and I even get her to mark her own work. With 6 younger siblings, just checking in with her occasionally and marking the tests makes life a lot more manageable.



      I would recommend Math Mammoth pre-algebra. My oldest used it in 6th grade and was well prepared for Algebra 1 in 7th grade, and is now enjoying Novare Physics online especially the math portion.
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        Personally, I think CoTR is one of the best pre algebra curricula I have seen. I have a on target age student (12 / 7th grade) and a younger student (10 / 5th grade) both working through it at different paces and it's been really good. The oldest child is taking the class through MPOA. She struggles more with math, and needs a little extra help and support and I cannot say enough good things about MPOA and what it has done for her love of math. I don't know how independent she would be without the class, but overall it's one of her favorites.

        The text itself offers a lot of sample problems and examples worked out. Instruction is spelled out and facts or information that are especially important are boxed and marked to make sure you study further. The solutions guide also has all the odd problems worked out. I have consulted that a time or two when we couldn't figure something out! Depending on the child you could give them access to that or keep it up so that they aren't tempted.

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