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    Student Notebook LC1

    I am in the process of watching the LC1 DVD and there is a discussion about the notebook. The manual suggests the following sections:
    1. notes
    2. exercises
    3. history questions
    4. quizzes tests.

    What exactly goes in the notes section? Do the children take notes as they watch the video. There was mention of making lists in the DVD. Is this where the lists will be filed?

    I don't understand the need for the exercises section because all of the exercises are in the workbook and they pages aren't perforated. So, do you tear them out or keep the workbook in tact?

    We are skipping history.

    I understand the quiz/test section.

    Where do you file the Vocaulary Drill and Grammar Drill sheets? Does everyone have their children complete these.

    I put any vocabulary practice, translation exercises that we come up with, and such in the exercises section of the notebook. It might more correctly be called "practice." As for the notes, yes I do have my children take notes (i.e. copy down the information) either from the DVD or from my teaching. I think it helps retention to write it down. Then they have something to refer back to if they get stuck and can't find it in their workbook. This section I call "grammar." It's like their own little Latin grammar book. So our notebooks are divided into practice, grammar, and quizzes.

    Hope that helps,