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  • enbateau
    In a school setting, ideally you'd have an hour each for Latin and math, 10-20 min each for spelling and grammar, 15-20 min on US S&C (more if drilling state spelling), 30 min for literature (up to an hour in 4th), 45 min for the rotating subjects like CSI, GM/FMOR, and Astronomy/Insects (less time in Sept, more toward the end of the year as you spend more time reviewing old material). For Latina Christiana, we spent about 40 minutes each day. First Form Latin has been at least an hour each day, but I don't know if you're doing 4A or 4M.

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  • Trasity Shores
    started a topic Lesson times

    Lesson times

    I have a 4th grader and 3rd grader. Could anyone help me with how long (how many minutes) we should be spending on each subject? We have Latin, math, grammar, composition, spelling, literature, classical studies, Christian studies, science and geography.