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Homeschooling with chronic pain/health issues

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    Homeschooling with chronic pain/health issues

    Hello all. I'm reaching out for advice, encouragement, etc. from those of you who are soldiering through homeschooling with chronic health issues. I seem to remember seeing at least a few comments in the past from some of you (but I can't remember who). I do not have a diagnosis yet but I strongly lean towards thinking I have fibromyalgia right now. I have stopped teaching for a good 5 weeks or so lately as I've been struggling with pain and going to different appointments, etc. I know I'm not alone in this so I thought I would reach out. I know the Lord called me to homeschooling, so I trust He will get us back on track if He wants us to continue. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who can relate or provide wisdom and insight.

    In Him,

    Chronic health issues are so, so, hard... I hope you are able to get answers soon--though, sadly, answers and diagnoses can be slow to come with chronic health problems. I still wonder, sometimes, if homeschooling is right for us, but I keep feeling convinced that it is. You are definitely not alone! Once you find out what (generally) makes you better, though, you can then focus on making that happen, and pare down on school as needed to fit it in around that.
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      Welcome, Leah!

      I'm going to drop a few links. Two are for forum posts here, and one is for a blog post from jen1134. I have one in draft that I need to finish up, too.
      You'll find a LOT of moms here managing chronic conditions. For me personally, having a child in a traditional school setting would be much harder, because I wouldn't have the flexibility to dial things back during challenging days/weeks/seasons.
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        I’m pretty much homebound and have been trying to get disability for almost 4 years now. I only have one I’m homeschooling, and he’s only in 1st grade, but homeschooling is much easier for me. He went to public kindergarten for a week, and that was a disaster. If I’m having a super bad day, we just read or whatever I can manage. We schooled through most of the summer, so if we need to have lighter days sometimes, it’s no big deal. But most of the time I get it done. Homeschooling him is the only worth I feel.



          I have no answers but I do have lots of understanding of what you are going through.

          My rheumatologist (obviously sent to me by God, I am so fortunate to have found him) is always astounded at what his mum-patients achieve. Not that it feels like I am achieving much!

          Fortunately for me our school year is nearly done. However I am madly trying to make decisions for next year so that our materials will arrive for February (thank you covid). It is so hard to find the balance between what is best for the kids and what I am capable of doing. But like you say, I too feel this is what we are called to do. The upside of chronic pain/illness is that it teaches us to really trust God a whole lot more.

          Prayers for all of us in this boat.



            That's really sad. I pray for your health and recovery