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    Creative writing hobby

    My oldest daughter, 11, 5th grade, has been reading and now writing a lot in her spare time for the past year. I feel successful at supporting her reading - however I don’t know much about the world of kids who write
    We just started homeschooling this year, and she’s really enjoying the Fable curriculum. Her writing impresses me, and if we continue homeschooling I’m considering trying the MP online course for narrative so she would have a teacher with a writing background, my background is medicine. I tried to enroll her in the Well Trained Mind creative writing online course back in July, but it was already filled for the 20-21 school year. I’ve heard people mention writing clubs, publishing your own book, and I recall there being state writing contests for kids back when I was in high school. I’d love any recommendations about how to support her in developing her interest.

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      I have three, strong creative writers here and pretty much all we did was let them write. My 16yo is my strongest writer both academically and creatively and he said that CC has helped both kinds of writing. He doesn’t sit down and think “I learned this in CC so I need to do that here.” He said the influence on his writing has been more of an instinctual thing. My weaker academic writer hasn’t made that connection but he is still a very good creative writer. There is a group of MPOA kids who formed a writing society, but for safety reasons they limit it to current/former classmates and real-life friends of members. I’ve found that writers tend to find each other — I just have to watch who they connect with as some writers can be very dark, even as kids/teens.

      All that to say: keep going with CC, just let her write, and see how things go
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        Ah thanks for the insight.


          Has she tried NaNoWrMo? WTM press also has The Creative Writer series she might enjoy.
          I have zero experience with it.

          I, too, have a bunch of creative writers who just write- no prodding needed. I keep them supplied with lined notebooks and that is it.

          Academic writing is totally different.
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            We haven’t, I’ll go look up NaNoWrMo now.

            Earlier today I read an article about a dad who guided his 8yo daughter through self-publishing a book she wrote. Some parts of their experience sounded like what my daughter is asking to do-she wants to have a physical book of a story she writes, and be able to give copies to grandparents etc. The father in the article gave his daughter little challenges to help her continue developing her story, like write the first chapter, write 1 paragraph character descriptions of 4 characters, and write an outline of the full plot of the story. Then once she had met that challenge, to celebrate they went on fiverr and had someone draw a pencil illustration of one of her characters from her description for $5... once she had written the 5th chapter, they celebrated by her dad typing the first five chapters into a Word document for her to see it typed out. Little things like that along the way until she finished her book. Then they went through steps to self publish. They also did a lot of thing to promote the book, get Amazon reviews etc, but my daughter hasn’t shown any interest in all that, so I thought maybe we could do just the first part to be able to have a nice physical book of a story she writes. She starts many stories but hasn’t finished them so this might be a fun way to help her finish a story.

            I also looked at a lulujr kit, which says it’s for age 4 and up - it looks neat, I think for that kit the end result would a copy of her hand written, hand illustrated work made into a hardbound book. I think what she’s wanting is a typed up hardbound book of a story she writes. I’d like to do that for the final drafts for all her fables she’s written, maybe put them all together at the end of the year and make a keepsake of them somehow.

            I’m so new to all the options, it’s hard to know what she would enjoy the most, and what would be the best use of our time (having 4 kids at home doing school takes almost all of my spare time She seems to really identify herself as a writer, asking for nothing but “writing supplies” for birthday and Christmas, telling me she wants a “writing mentor”. She’s my quiet, never asking for much child, and we have a big family of littles, so I want to make the effort to really affirm what she is animated about. Thanks so much for the suggestions!