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Grade 2 grammar adaptation

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    Grade 2 grammar adaptation

    I hope that it's okay to ask this here. I want to stay as close to MP as possible, but sometimes I need to adapt. I have an autistic child with dyslexia and hyperlexia. She isn't slow, and her reading is great. However, I think that we have missed some basic grammar concepts. She really needs language spelled out for her; I think I need to teach grammar very directly. I don't think that she is quite ready for the variety in the MP 2nd grade grammar lessons. I don't want to drop those lessons, I am just wondering about rearranging things. I need some suggestions. I have Rod & Staff Preparing to Build , grade 2 grammar(we never used anything for first grade, so I don't even know what would have been covered in R&S first grade grammar). I am wondering if we should work through R&S this year, then use MP Grammar as a year-end cumulative review. I also have Core Skills Grade 1 Language Arts, which is basic mechanics. I was going to just have her do a couple of pages on the weekend, but I am open to suggests from those who know these materials better. Thank you.

    Typically, R&S 2 is optional. Many schools which use it do not start until level 3. English is weird and hard, especially for non typical learners, especially when it’s broken down. If your child can speak and understand language, you’re not off track.

    this may be a better question for MP’s grammar program, and how one would ready a child for this course.

    may the Lord keep blessing your path.

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      Tulip Thanks. I think that you're right about everything that you said. I have a child that loves to compose stories and poems, so she is eager to be able to write her compositions herself. She gets frustrated with her own mistakes. If she just hated language, I might try to delay some of this, but it is kind of the opposite. She is wanting explicit instruction. IDK. I guess kids are different...or at least my kid is different. LOL.


        The Rod and Staff grade 2 book is a great text, and is one we continue to use in our home. I have had it since long before MP wrote their own text for second grade, and I keep using it because it is darling and thorough. It would be a great option to try for what you are seeking. One thing I love about it is that it gives second graders a lot of practice writing in complete sentences, which is an emerging skill at that age and it reinforces it so nicely.

        And rest assured, R&S does not have a first grade grammar book. They start the program in second grade. So she would be right at the beginning!


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          We have R&S 2 in our classrooms even though it isn't technically in our curriculum. Our teachers pull them out when they see students struggling with a particular concept. Mainly, we use the sentences in the literature study guides to practice language lessons. As our teachers write the sentences on the board after students have formulated them orally, they talk about punctuation, capitalization, parts of speech, etc. But R&S 2 makes a great supplement for grammar and will be a great choice for students who need more help.

          I just wanted to assure you that you aren't moving away from MP by using this text. We use it too when needed!



            tanya KF2000 Thank you!