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How to use Christian Studies 2 and Old Testament Flashcards

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  • tanya

    It generally takes an hour to an hour and a half to complete one lesson in CSI. When I was teaching, I always started with the Scripture. So we discussed the passage for the week, I put it on the board, and we started memorizing it. That takes 10-15 mins. Then, we read the Facts to Know together before reading the Bible story. This was another 10-15 mins. After that, we answered all the comprehension questions. You don't have to write answers to all of them, but you should make sure you answer the ones that are on the tests. And if you choose not to write all the answers, you should at least answer them orally because they help lead a discussion over what you have read. This should take 15-20 mins. Finally, we answer the Drill Questions in the back of the book. That should take no more than 5 mins. The extra activities were completed as time allowed, but we didn't necessarily do all of them. They don't take long because they mostly involve looking at the illustrations, which is part of your discussion anyway. The rest of the week, we just worked on the memory verse, which students had to recite to me individually the following week.

    It is good to start class with a 5 min. review of previous drill questions and/or Scripture. That is a great use of the flashcards! I would sometimes play a game with them and sometimes just drill them quickly. I really focused on the questions and verses that were going to be on the next test, but I did a comprehensive review too.


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  • Nancy Ann

  • How to use Christian Studies 2 and Old Testament Flashcards

    We did not do Christian Studies 1, we just started this curriculum with Grade 5. It seems quite involved. In the teacher manual they give a 5 day teaching schedule, but the 5th grade manual just has it for 1 day. So how do you use it?

    Also, there is a lot of information in the appendices, There is the drill, two timelines and places to know. How does all of this go together?

    Also my Old Testament flashcards have gotten mixed up and the numbers on them are half cut off but also looks like only even numbers. Essentially they are impossible to read and the even numbers make it even more hard to put back together. If I purchase a new set will they be different, do all the sets have that cut off and even numbers, am I missing some? I bought these a few years ago for another purpose and never used them.

    So how do you use this curriculum and what do I do about these cards?