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    Which NLE Exam?

    I have two children who may take the NLE this year.

    My oldest is in 8th grade and currently taking Third Form Latin with MPOA. He took the intro exam last year. If I sign him up for the beginner exam, is it going to have a lot of stuff he hasn't learned yet?

    My middle child is in 7th grade and currently taking Second Form Latin with MPOA. She has never taken the NLE. I was going to sign her up for the intro too. Does that sound right?


    Cathy aka The Attached Mama
    DS 12, 7th Grade
    DD 11, 6th Grade
    DS 5, K


    There's a handy little chart here on our website:

    According to this chart, you would be right on target for both your students to take the Intro. But if your oldest did really well on the Intro last year, go ahead and let him take Level 1. It gives him the opportunity to earn a medal. And you can always print out some Level I exams from previous years and let him try them to see if it feels like a good fit.



      Just a heads up that they've renamed the exams this year and restructured the flow. Some bright news: they are now giving medals on the Intro level! My older daughter says it's completely unfair! ?
      There is no rush to register so I plan to sit tight for a little while before figuring out levels this year. I'm hopeful that nothing will change for a few years now going forward so we can get into a good rhythm.

      There is a Zoom Webinar somewhere explaining the new levels, but I don't have a link handy.
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        If you go to the NLE homepage, you will see a link to the Sept. 16, 2020 presentation.
        I think the discussion of the name changes for the levels is about 19 minutes into it.