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    Mrs. Lowe Newspaper Articles

    I just listened to the new Memoria Press Classical Et Cetera podcast hosted by Shane Saxon where he interviewed Martin Cothran ( Mr. Cothran referenced four newspaper articles written by Mrs. Lowe back in the early 1990s that greatly influenced him. I am curious, does anyone know what the titles of these articles were? Were they eventually included as The Classical Teacher's articles or published elsewhere?
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    Great question!
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      Well, I have those articles, but they are from 1991, and Cheryl basically rewrote them over the years as her understanding of the problems and solutions morphed. So I don't want to publicly release these, but I am glad to send you a scanned copy of them if you want to email me ([email protected]). Just take them as what they are - Cheryl figuring out education in 1991!