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    I come from experience with many years of Sonlight and that is the same (sister) company as Book Shark. I have not had much experience with using Memoria Press. I have ordered grade 5 materials and will start it with my daughter. I have used several Memoria Press products in the past with her and my son. But I think if you want to add the Reader Package of Book Shark or Sonlight that should work. It has not been uncommon for me even when using Sonlight I added another book to my children's daily Reader. Part of me wanted for them to have a a fun type of book. For our family many of the Sonlight books were a bit on the deep or heavy side. They have changed that through the years and have added more variety to their readers. However I wanted more flexibility and that is why I have all these Books with Book Lists, so that I could pick and choose and let them choose as well what sounded interesting. But I think if you are looking for a way to add more books and don't want to make your own book list getting a reader package is a good idea. I assume you are talking about a Reader Package and not an entire Core? My preference is to make my own book list and just get the books off on Amazon and keep them on a shelf in the house to grab from as the year goes on. Or for my child to look over and choose a book. Sometimes I would put 3 books on the table and let them choose which one would be their next reader.

    Just a side note, Memoria Press has the American Studies Reader sets that I think are pretty important. It doesn't look like American History is taught much until 7th grade. So they have those American Study Reader sets, you could use those. But that would not be until 3rd grade. I plan to use some of those.

    Also it's not uncommon for at this age to go through alot of books. My daughter is a very good reader and always has been, when she was younger she would just go through books like crazy, it was hard to keep up with. But as she got older she slowed down but also the books got longer and more complicated and will take her more time.


      Nancy Ann , your input is appreciated. I will have to think this all through. Thank you!