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Where should I begin with a 6th grader?

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    Where should I begin with a 6th grader?

    I am debating with grade 4 for new users or just jump into 6th. I understand with 6th I would need to adjust the Latin.

    How hard is it to use the manual if your off with a different level?

    Do the manuals have extra stuff that is needed or helpful or can you just order what you need separately. I am wanting to have a manual as I feel it will be organized and paced out in a more manageable way than if I put something together myself?

    Please any tips with starting brand new with a 6th grader. She reads well and a good student, she needs something more meaty which is why I am thinking of this switch.


    All our curriculum packages are customizable, and we would be glad to help you with that by phone or if you know what you want to customize, you can switch modules out yourself. To answer your specific question, if you do choose 6th grade as your core, you would get the 6th grade curriculum manual. But you would need to switch out Latin and Classical Composition for sure. You should also consider switching out Geography II for Geography I if your student doesn't yet know how to map Europe, the Middle East, or No. Africa, since those are the areas of the world we spend the most time in with Classical / Christian Studies. When you make your swaps, you will receive digital lesson plans for the subjects you have swapped to. So you would use your 6th grade curriculum manual for most subjects and the digital ones for the swapped out subjects. You can print them out and put them with your books so that when you are ready for Latin, you have the lesson plans right there.

    Another option would be to choose 5th grade and swap up with math and spelling (and down for Classical Composition to Fable). If you have a 6th grader, I feel like 4th for new users might be too much of a step back. If you choose to stay with 6th as I discussed above, you could always read Famous Men of Rome and Greek Myths as read-alouds if you have missed those rich books!

    Our CSRs are excellent at walking you through subject by subject if you want to talk to one of them. We want you to have the best experience possible and for your student to have the books that are the best fit!



      I have no idea why I didn't think of 5th grade, but I think that looks like a great idea, that may be a better fit. Thanks so much for all your help.