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2nd Grade Grammar

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    2nd Grade Grammar

    Somewhere in our second grade materials I read that we can use certain chapters from Rod and Staff 'Preparing to Build' as a grammar supplement. It listed which chapters from 'Preparing to Build' could be used in coordination with the MP lesson plans. A friend gave me the books, but now I cannot find that blurb of information. Does anyone know which guide talks about this, and on which page I can find it? Thank you so much!!!

    The Second Grade Curriculum Guide has it at the back. Mine is on the last page, 110.
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      I think we took this list out of the curriculum manual when we added the English Grammar Worksheets and tied Core Skills Language Arts to Prima Latina. But I found the list in an old curriculum guide, so here you go!

      Prima Latina Lessons Rod & Staff Grammar Lessons
      3, 4, 5 Unit 2, Lessons 20, 25
      6, 7 Unit 2, Lesson 10
      11 Unit 2, Lesson 15
      13 Unit 3, Lessons 5, 10, 15, 20, 21, 25
      14 Unit 4, Lessons 5, 10
      18 Unit 4, Lessons 20, 25



        Thank you both! My TM should be new; I just ordered it in August. Page 110 is blank in my TM, so I have no idea where I got it in my head that I need the Rod and Staff books. Thank you for the info!!!