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Crash Course - Writing Resource Recommendations?

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    Crash Course - Writing Resource Recommendations?

    Does anyone recommend a quick tip resource book for writing well? The book is for me, not a student. I feel like all the writing skill I once knew has disappeared!

    Strunk & White, "The Elements of Style"



      I'm guessing you don't mean mechanics and grammar, just style? Even so, I have thoroughly enjoyed the book recommended by the Hillsdale grammar professor who spoke at Sodalitas: Grammar by Diagram, Second Edition, by Cindy Vitto. By learning how to identify, implement and punctuate adverb clauses, noun clauses, have proper S-V agreement, etc, I find that I can identify my child's writing errors more easily. It is totally worth its purchase price (check it out on the common used college textbook sites) because of its common usage errors section in the back. The book also has sections on consistent voice, gendered pronouns (and how to avoid them in the modern age without sounding outlandish), and sentence variety. It has exercises to rewrite poorly worded passages and an incredible answer key to guide you along. Also, it has real application for teaching the Latin forms in MP because of its methodical introduction to diagramming. Recently, my eldest struggled with a Core Skills Phonics Grade 4 worksheet identifying predicate adjectives after linking verbs. Having already gone through that section in Grammar by Diagram, I was able to diagram each sentence with her in a way that obviously pointed out both the be/linking verb and the subject the predicate adjectives referred back to. Additionally, the sentence patterns that you master as you move through the program give you a helpful frame for teaching Classical Composition in 4th grade.

      By the way, don't buy any of these books new. They're a dime a dozen, as college kids boot these types of books to the curb in droves. Also, try to buy newer copyright dates, as style guidelines tend to change.

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      MP2 w/ R&S Arithmetic 3

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      SC B, SC C, SC1 (Phonics/Math), SC2's Writing Book 1


        I looked up both of these books, and both will help me. I definitely need a refresher when looking over my son's writing. He's already asking questions, and I'm blanking. Ha

        Thanks for the recommendations, ladies!