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How do they have short home school days?

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    That is a wonderful analogy as well with the plates.

    My husband loves the book The Imitation of Christ and I have not read it. That is a beautiful quote, I may need to pull that book out.


      I am never done at noon - and I wouldn't be done at noon if I only had one kid to teach either...unless it was K. Maybe...maybe....1st, but not every day.

      I'm still going at 3:30-4...if we stop earlier, it's because of an interruption or I ran out of steam. However, I have "lecture" days on Mon-Thur, but Friday is still a school day without me lecturing. It's when some of the longer writing work (Grammar Recitation), extra reviews (Quizlet), Spelling lists, Latin and Grammar writing tables, some math section that I assigned has homework on Thursday (but was longer since they don't have to complete that night), longer readings....

      But "I" am never done by noon without there being something irregular happening.

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        I thought about posting some of my thoughts on the direction this thread was taking but decided better not. I will only say that we need to remember that this educational path is not the best one for every child/family. Even within our MP family here, we all use the materials differently to best fit our children's needs.

        And being done before noon is a unicorn past 2nd grade. Here, my teen kids are barely alive by then!
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