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2nd Grade Enrichment and Latin Questions

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    2nd Grade Enrichment and Latin Questions

    1.) How do you review Latin on your days off?
    2.) What kind of games do you use for Latin review?
    3.) Concerning Thursday's memory work...what are we supposed to memorize?
    4.) Do you have your child memorize the poems of the week that is included in enrichment?
    5.) How do you decide when to have your child try to write a poem after the fashion of that week's enrichment poem? Do you write if for them, and have them copy the correctly spelled poem into their composition book?

    1) We do Latin every day. If there are no assigned exercises, there is vocabulary and grammar to review and books like Minimus or "First 1000 Words in Latin."
    2) We don't play Latin games. (But we do play a lot of chess, Monopoly, Risk, cards, and Scrabble after assignments are done.)
    3) I keep a separate Memory Work binder for each child. Some of it is from Classically Catholic Memory Work, some from Andrew Campbell's "Living Memory," and some from MP. Whatever I think is worthwhile: science, poetry, history, civics, math formulas, Greek, Latin, timeline, Scripture, and catechism. Each family will have their own preferences.
    4) I didn't have them memorize all of the poems in Second Grade Enrichment. And they also memorized poems that were not in MP.
    5) I don't really assign this until they take Poetry for Beginners (Classical Writing), but if they would like to mimic the poem, they are free to do so. I don't write for my children after the first couple of months of first grade, but I will tell them how to spell a word. (I also tell adults how to spell words all the time, so it seems like a reasonable request.). I also do not model answers. Having to write it themselves really motivates them to learn to write, and I appreciate their efforts.

    Yes, I am a fairly no-fuss homeschooler. It works for us.



      My child struggled with the MP2 assignment to create her own poem, so I scaffolded it for her. I gave her a few topics to pick from on index cards. She drew 4 random words and tried to make a rhyming couplet from those. FWIW, those who struggle with a language-based impairment WILL struggle with this, and it's okay to give them as much help as needed. The poem may be nonsensical at this age, and if you saw what some students write, you wouldn't feel so bad. I taught a class of 12-15 first and second graders in Sunday School for years! Their writing skills can be anything from only being able to write their names to writing simple 4-word sentences (usually with creative spelling). Keep your expectations low.

      You might find a copy of One Fish, Two Fish and copy a rhyming couplet on the board. See if she can replace a few words that you underline (or erase). She might pick up on the pattern and make her own. Don't push it if she gets frustrated. Keep reading rhyming books and find other poems that week to read. It will sink in with time.

      I like to do Latin flashcards 2-3x/day in Prima. Make sure you drill both sides. We also do oral spellings of the words to help cement that.
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        enbateau , thanks. You go through the Prima flash cards 2-3x's/day? Well, that would give her a lot more practice! I need to drag those out! Thanks!