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Phonics Flashcards Used in Kindergarten

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    Phonics Flashcards Used in Kindergarten

    I’m getting ready to make a list of all the phonics flashcards used in kindergarten, and I thought I’d check here first, before reinventing the wheel. Is there a list of these cards somewhere, either in the curriculum itself, or in a resource that someone has already compiled?



    I don't have a kindergarten curriculum manual, but I do have the kindergarten phonics lesson plans. The appropriate phonics flashcards are indicated within each day's lesson plan.
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      Thank you!

      To clarify: we did K last year and still have all the materials on hand. I’m making the list for a friend whose child didn’t do MP kindergarten, and is now doing MP first grade and wants to review the K flashcards. My plan is to comb back through the lesson plans week by week if necessary, unless there is a ready-made list available somewhere.


        Somewhere in the world there is that Scope and Sequence document that might be a good starting place. I would start with long vowel (a_e) and short vowel sounds, all of the 2-letter consonant blends (58-85). Two letter ai/ay, ow, oa-only if doing the advanced track, and the 4 h teams. It could be missing/adding a few. The common words are easier to find in the FSR guide.
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          I wonder if these might be listed in the front or back of First Start Reading? My copy is packed up.
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