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    Christian Studies IV

    Hello, this is our first time using Memoria Press and my kiddos are becoming frustrated with Christian Studies IV as they can't find the answers to the workbook questions in the Reader. What am I missing? Are the answers for the Key Terms, Key People, and following questions not all found in the Reader? I was under the impression they only needed to read the Bible passages to answer the Drill questions.


    Anybody? Are we supposed to use outside references to find the answers? If so what are good ones for this curriculum? I like the idea of this series, but I'm still frustrated by the answers not being in our KJV Bible or the reader.



      Sorry for the delayed response. Somehow, I missed this post in my email in August.

      I apologize also for your frustration with this course. I have looked through it, and I see that all the answers aren't explicitly there. The reason for this is that our students and teachers have been through Christian Studies I-III, and so they are equipped to answer anything that isn't explicitly stated. I understand that this is not ideal for you or your children, so I have made a note to fix this before the next printing. Even though we encourage our teachers to let us know if something doesn't match or could be improved, I feel like in this circumstance, they are just going with it out of the information they have in their past experience. So they haven't seen a problem. This is a circumstance where we as the publisher should have been on top of how this particular study will transfer to home use. I'm sorry we have failed you there.

      In the meantime, if you want to continue to make the attempt to get through this course, I will make a recommendation for you that is similar to the way I taught it years ago. I would start by reading the overview, maybe answering the questions you can as you read (or marking the book so that the answers stand out when you do begin work in the study guide). Next, I would read through the review Scripture for the book you are working on (Appendix of the study guide). Then, I would go to the drill questions (also in the Appendix) and see how many the students remember and can answer instantly. After those are all filled in, I would move to the Bible and have them look up the answers to the ones they don't know. (The Scripture references are listed in the teacher guide for you). I think that should take care of most of the questions in the study guide lesson, but you may then need to step in and help students with anything that isn't explicitly stated.

      This summer, I'm going to have one of our teachers do a thorough revamp of this study guide for our next printing - with you as the homeschool parent in mind! But that doesn't help you now, and for that, I am sorry.

      If you would like to exchange this course for another one, I will be glad to do that for you. Christian Studies I-III is much simpler in format and might be of more help to you if your students haven't done it.

      [email protected]