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Raleigh, NC and surrounding communities meetup

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    Raleigh, NC and surrounding communities meetup

    I am planning a meetup for MP families in my area on Thursday, August 27th, at 2:00PM. Everyone using MP curriculum and close enough to make the drive is welcome to come. Please comment or message me if you plan to attend. Meeting address: 8509 Penny Rd. Raleigh
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    Julie S.
    6th year using MP/ 20th year homeschooling (2021-2022)
    DD 26- married , DS 24 - working in IT gettin married 10/9, DD 23- married with 3 littles, DS 21- working in church ministries, DD 19 Nazarene Bible College,
    DD 17 - 12th grade a mix of MP materials
    DS 16 - 11th grade -MPOA, VB, and a mix of MP materials
    DD 13 - 8th grade - 8M core with VB,
    DS 11 - 6th grade (with dyslexia & dysgraphia) -mix of MP + AAS with VB
    DD 9 - 4th grade -mix of 4A & 4M core with VB

    tagging MamaHill ------ forgive my lack of geography skills if you are not close to Raleigh. (I'm working on that!)
    Plans for 2021-22

    Year 11 of homeschooling with MP

    DD1 - 26 - Small Business owner with 2 locations
    DD2 - 15 - 10th grade - HLS Cottage School/MPOA/True North Academy/Vita Beata - equestrian
    DS3 - 13 -6A Cottage School - soccer/tennis -dyslexia and dysgraphia
    DS4 - 13 - 6A Cottage School -soccer -auditory processing disorder
    DD5 - 9 - 4A, Cottage School/MPOA -equestrian
    DS6 - 7 - MPK - first time at the Cottage School this fall!


      Thank you for tagging me, Dianna! Your geography skills are perfect, as I'm about 15 minutes from the meeting place. Yahoo!

      Julie, I sent you an email. I'd love to come! Thank you for organizing this!

      Mama to 5 Sweet Ones

      11th grade DS: Mix of MP materials, MPOA, and BJU
      9th grade DD: Mostly 9M, MPOA, and French
      7th grade DD: 7M
      5th Grade DD: 5M
      4.5 yo DS: Outside as much as possible beating on things with sticks; MP Jr. K and Mom made fun things


        I just moved from that area-enjoy!