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English Grammar 4 Confusion

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    English Grammar 4 Confusion

    Please help me understand what my boys are expected to master vs. be introduced to in 4th grade. He is in the 4NU core. In the TM Teaching Guidelines on p. 21 it says:

    "Students will complete Units I-IV in English Grammar Recitation, Workbook I this year. They will learn Grammar Rules 1-31 and Capitalization Rules 1-10. Students are asked to master the Capitalization Rules 1-10 and Grammar Rules 1-4, 6-7, 16, 19-20, 22-26, & 29-30."

    However, in the lesson plans Units I-V are scheduled. Also, the lessons give no indication of which Rules are meant to be mastered and how that is to be accomplished vs. the Rules that are meant to be only introduced. Are the instructions a misprint? Do I teach all the Rules in Units I-V as scheduled in the TM or should I revise the lessons to reflect the above instructions?

    Bumping so someone from MP sees this since I don’t remember back that far when we did it.
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      In my guide for introducing EGR I, the sentence right after what you quoted says, "The other Grammar Rules will be introduced, but students aren't required to memorize them." This is the Punctuation rules that you will be introduced to in Unit V, and any others not explicitly marked will not require absolute mastery. Even now in EGR II, we are going back through with heavy, heavy review because it is hard to have mastery of so many definitions and terms at that age. It winds up being such constant review that it will make it into the long-term memory, but for now it's cumulative exposure. Remember, the student will memorize the answer to the rule or the full Capitalization rule, but they don't have to memorize the wording of the examples, just be able to have it dictated to them to implement correctly.

      The I-IV could be a typo, as V is scheduled in my CM, too. But it could also be to separate Punctuation rules at not necessarily memorized.
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        Sandilee ,

        I wanted to post here, too, what I shared with you on FB - which is that very often those differences can occur because of how LP’s get adjusted after the course has been used in the classroom. LP’s are easier to make changes to than the guides themselves. So it is an example of there being wiggle room between the way the course was originally designed, and how it is actually put into practice. Adjust to the needs of your child and you will do great!

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