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Best prep for new MP parent/teacher?

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    Best prep for new MP parent/teacher?


    What MP videos or articles would you recommend for a new MP parent getting ready to start MP3 this fall? New to MP, but not homeschooling. Thanks so much!

    Can you give us some hints about what you're looking for? Do you need inspiration? encouragement? how to?

    When I came to MP, I was so frustrated by the path we had followed up to that point. We had done so much curriculum hopping that I needed someone to tell me the whys more than the hows. I needed a rationale for their approach. I wanted to understand the MP approach and Classical education. For this, I recommend the plenaries, particularly Leigh Lowe's talk from the 2019 Sodalitas on The Content and Culture of a Memoria Press Education. I got to meet Leigh Lowe at a teacher training seminar the winter prior, and she is as wonderful in person as she appears on camera. She is humble, thoughtful, and a joy to hear. I also love any dialogue between Martin Cothran and Andrew Pudewa. So often home education is dominated by the female voice, and it is refreshing to hear from our men in the trenches.

    As I sunk my teeth into the curriculum, and the year waxed on, I needed encouragement. Wittingly or not, I always find the articles from The Classical Teacher to be timely. The fall issues offer encouragement and a kick start to the year. Winter issues tell us how to stay strong. (I love this article on gravitas). Spring issues get our juices flowing for the year ahead, going deeply into content and philosophy of Classical education. Pick a back issue for whatever needs speaking to and enjoy!
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      Are you doing Latina Christina or Prima?

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        Hi lilamom, and welcome to the Memoria Press forum. I'm glad you ended up choosing Memoria Press for your curriculum. From one of your descriptions in your recent post, I remember talking with you at the Sodalitas Teacher Training conference a few weeks back about curriculum choices for your third grader.

        enbateau has really made a lot of great suggestions. Definitely Leigh Lowe's talk in 2019, definitely The Classical Teacher articles, definitely Martin Cothran and Andrew Pudewa discussions/banter.

        If you haven't read Martin Cothran's "What is a Classical Education" (, that would be a really helpful place to start. Perusing through the old videos from previous Sodalitas and Teacher Training sessions would be a great idea too (see here - a lot of great material there.
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          One of these days I will stop misplacing modifiers. Ahhh.

          Wittingly or not, Memoria Press always manages to release timely articles in The Classical Teacher.

          MP needs to bring back the edit button.
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          MPK with SC1 Phonics & Math
          SY 20/21


            This is a favorite of mine:

            Welcome to you!
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              Hi there! Welcome to MP!

              This isn't exactly what you're asking for, but the best prep I do is going through each book, workbook, and teacher's guide and understanding the big picture of the subject.

              I go through (mostly) every week of the lesson plans and then see what exactly my children are learning for most weeks. It helps me wrap my brain around what the daily activities will look like.

              I don't do this all in one sitting - just chip away at it through the end of the school year and through the summer.

              The other articles and ideas linked are incredibly helpful for understanding the MP/classical way.
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                Hi ladies! Thank you so much for all this great feedback!

                I'm going to jump off social media until Sept. 1, but if you want to reach out, I'd love to hear from you at

                Thanks again!!